All Beginnings Are Illusions

by Farrago

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released September 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Farrago London, UK

This London four-piece started life as the solo project of singer-songwriter Ian Bennett. His poetic and thought-provoking songs have evolved into intoxicating psychedelic folk soundscapes, characterised by their powerful acoustic guitar sound and soulful vocals. ... more


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Track Name: Threads
I remember this one morning -
I remember it like it was this very morning
We were in Australia
And I was watching you swimming upon a lake
The clouds, they bent and doubled
And the sun, it shone down
Upon the water
You were reflecting brightness, calm and hope
But anyway I was scared for you

And I realise what I'm seeing
Is a metaphor for my life

We're hanging from roof tops
We're hanging by threads
'Till we fall into the water

You are like that sunshine, honey
Bursting through the clouds
And mixing with the rain
Casting all of your colours
On everyone
And everything
Standing all around
I'm just a pendulum swinging
But you've given me love and peace
In my soul
And we're on this path together
And rocky
But heading towards the sun

How can anyone not follow
What they know is right?

We're hanging from roof tops
We're hanging by threads
'Till we fall into the river
To make sure our love's not dead.
Track Name: Red Rag To A Rainbow
Can you see the rain clouds building up?
Pretty soon we'll all be drenched to the bone
Who determines who will win or lose?
All I know is we don't get to choose
The way the red tape is tied around our necks
Like a noose

Dive, dive, dive
Under the surface
Keep diving down
Under the water
Don't try to breathe
'cause then you will drown
Red rag to a rainbow
I want to tempt you away
My crazy little sunbeam-
You're so might brighter
Than the monkey punching digits they've got tied to a bench

The mind's gone numb
But the heart is still on fire
It would burn this whole place down
If it just weren't so tired
The body sleeps on a sun-coloured hardware case
And fingers click
In search of a higher state
Of mind
To replace the one that's been left behind

So dive, dive, dive...
Jibber jibber jabber
Talk till you bleed
'Bout your corporate identity and will to succeed
That you really don't have but they tell you you need

Try going back to the place where you were born
To find the town has been razed to the floor
You walk the streets to find there's nothing left
Contemplate your monthly targets then
And see what feels most wrong.
Track Name: This Spark
These eyes
Aflame behind a mask
Reflecting the burning remains
Of a life we thought we knew

This bubble
Designed to keep us safe and warm
That secretly keeps us hungry for more
Has burst and so now what?

This spark
Is gonna start a fire
That's gonna burn down everything we know
So we have to start anew

Society, it seems
It such a thin, bloody veneer
It's gonna split
It's gonna break
It's gonna fall apart
In the blink of an eye.
Track Name: Like A Fool
Experience the life
The model
The template
The poorer get poorer
It's a pin-striped disaster
I hate you, my keeper
I'll love you forever
I've given all I can
I've given all I can

It's in the way that you hold me
And slow my escape
And let me break free
You're holding me down like a fool

I was like you
I was just like you
Until they shifted the emphasis
To totally the wrong place

I cry for my brothers
Who know nothing better
Than pumping and grinding
And then beating the crap out of life

I hate you my keeper
But I'll love you forever
As the dog eats the dog, eats the dog, eats the dog.